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Three decades of experience in global insurance and technology, each member of the Beyontec leadership team come with the vision and foresight to guide the company and our customers into the next level of excellence. Beyontec leadership is highly customer-driven and has the background to help businesses move forward in a market that rewards customer centricity, speed, and innovation. By being a Beyontec customer you can harness the deep expertise of Beyontec leadership to assist your company with business and operating strategy, and technology decisions to give your company the right customer focus and competitive advantage.

Board Members

Beyontec Vivek-Sethia
Vivek Sethia

Co-founder & Director, Chief Executive Officer

Leadership Team

Beyontec Vivek-Sethia
Vivek Sethia

Chief Executive Officer

Beyontec Rajeev Ramapurath
Rajeev Ramapurath

Executive Vice President – Product

A decade long commitment to Insurance, a lifetime dedication to our customers